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👋 Hi there! I am Hong.


I'm a Full Stack Developer in Hong Kong. I am 18 and learning TypeScript, Next.js, React.js, Node.js, and database management. Now, I have a passion for learning UI/UX.

I started learning web development on December 5, 2020 (I was 14 years old). It's a big challenge because it's just one of my hobbies, and I have yet to take any courses. I am self-learning on YouTube. One of my favorite YouTube channels is The Net Ninja. I learned a lot of web development skills from him.

I love using Next.js to create a website. Then use GitHub to host my codebase. After that, I use Vercel to deploy my website.

About this site

Thanks to Timothy Lin for the tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog. It helped me when I haven't any idea how to create a blog from scratch. My code isn't like the starter code because I changed a lot of code :)


Here are some websites that inspired me a lot to build a fantastic website.

Refer to README