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Top 8 Attractive Web Design Websites

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Top 8 Attractive Web Design Websites


Recently, I've gathered a collection of exceptional websites in UI/UX design that left me in awe upon my initial exploration. I believe these websites can greatly enrich your UI skills. Here's a list of my top 8 favorite websites (in no particular order).


Raycast is a productivity tool that enables fast task completion. Its homepage captivated me with its UI design, featuring my favorite gradient colors and various shades of red (the theme color).

Scrolling down showcases its unique features, clearly demonstrating its product capabilities. This led me to promptly download the software after purchasing a MacBook Air 15". The effort put into image creation, UI design, and color selection by their developers is evident on the website and is worth learning from.


Linear is a powerful project management tool designed for designers and teams. It offers an intuitive interface and a range of features to organize and track design projects. Whether designing new products, updating existing ones, handling feedback, or tasks, Linear provides collaboration tools and workflows to ensure efficient project execution. Through Linear, design teams can collaborate better, track progress, and ensure effective management at every stage.

The animations and the use of tile-style product feature introductions on the homepage are engaging, and the blurred background effect is captivating.


Figma needs no introduction—it's a professional UI/UX design software, and its website is equally impressive. Whether for small projects or large teams, Figma facilitates designers in achieving creativity while maintaining smooth collaboration workflows.

The website employs various animations, and its homepage is both attractive and functional, offering an intuitive entry point for users to understand Figma's value.


Next.js is a popular React framework designed for modern website and application development. It emphasizes performance and scalability, providing powerful server-side rendering and static website generation capabilities that optimize webpage loading speed and SEO performance. Whether building dynamic applications or static content websites, Next.js simplifies development processes and offers superior user experiences.

The minimalist design of the Next.js official website is sophisticated, and the most interesting part is the "Powered By" section—a "CPU" created using CSS, surprising but effective.


PlanetScale is an innovative platform focused on database management. It offers modern tools and functionalities that help development teams effectively design, deploy, and maintain databases. PlanetScale's uniqueness lies in its ease of use and automation capabilities, relieving the burden of database management and allowing developers to focus on creating high-quality applications.

The use of gradients, rich images, and illustrations on the website is appealing, and my favorite part is the "Tachometer" in the middle. A look into the developer tools reveals how they used CSS to craft this intriguing effect.


Fig is a command-line tool that significantly enhances efficiency with autocomplete and simplified script writing, streamlining workflows. It boasts a powerful and rich plugin library where users can install various convenient plugins.

The website employs numerous gradient elements, capturing user attention effectively.


Pipe is a modern capital platform that enables businesses to convert future revenue into upfront capital. Secure, real-time data connections simplify the process of obtaining operating capital for companies. There's no dilution or traditional financing obstacles. Your available capital depends entirely on your income and business health. Simply register, connect, and access funds through Pipe.

The homepage showcases impressive special effects, and the image design, font size, and interface are visually appealing.


Framer is a powerful interactive design and prototyping tool crafted for designers and developers. It offers an intuitive interface and a wealth of interactive elements, enabling users to effortlessly create highly interactive prototypes and interface designs. Framer integrates various features, including animations, gestures, micro-interactions, and code editing, allowing users to creatively realize their design concepts. Whether for mobile applications or web design, Framer provides exceptional tools to help users create captivating interactive experiences.

The interactive sections on the website, along with the color scheme and animations, reflect a high level of professionalism.


These eight amazing websites are changing the game in UI/UX design. They're all about coming up with fresh ideas, working together, and being creative. They show us new ways to make websites that look great and work well. So, if you're into design, these sites are a must-see!

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